With the recent outbreak, school closure has been in effect to flatten the curve of the Carona virus pandemic. All the recent changes have gotten families panicked about all the uncertainties that are yet to be discovered.

I’ve put together this video to help send ease to families during this difficult time. It is important now more than ever to show support to one another. I wanted to highlight some important points to consider as you plan your survival plan the following months From a child development and teacher perspective, please remember these considerations and allow room for some processing to happen.

Avoid feeling overwhelmed with all the resources and news. Focus on your self-care as a parent because it is much needed now!

What should you do as a parent?

You Should Set a Daily Routine

It is recommended that parents set daily routines. In this way, children would remain engaged, and it would not affect their health from a physical and mental point of view. Apart from that, a daily routine will prepare young minds for predictably. However, at the same time, it is advised to parents that they should not overload their children with academic scheduling and allow room for coping.

Home Replacing School

It is recommended that parents avoid replacing their children’s teachers. Similarly, parents need not pressure children to maintain a six-hour school schedule. The new emergency learning or distance learning can easily happen with less time, flexibility is key. The remaining time, children need recreational activities.

Activities for families

The kids should be engaged with family activities. The family activities may include cooking, gardening, and watching movies, etc. Apart from this, children can play games with family members. In this way, their development capability will be boosted and nurtured.

Limit Screen Time

It is advised that parents should only allow their children to spend their online classes with supervision and minimize overall watch hours. Should you use screen time, it is best to keep it high quality and somewhat educational in order to support children’s development.

Going Outdoor

Parents can go with their children outdoors for nature walks while maintaining a physical distance from others. It is vital to get fresh air to heal the body and mind in order to best support children through this pandemic.