14 ways to cope with grief

Two years ago, I experienced life and death in a short span of time. I’ll share my story another time but for now, I wanted to share the lessons I’ve learned from grief.

Grieving is a unique experience. No one grieves the same way.

Grief isn’t an illness we need to “recover” from.
No one can say anything that can make you feel better, except for the words of God

Judging your feelings or thoughts just makes it worse. Let them be.

The feeling of guilt is only natural. Combat it with acceptance of His decree. It will bring you ease.

It is only human to ask ourselves “why.” This doesn’t mean you are losing faith. Nonetheless, you can seek relief in understanding the verses of Surat al-Kahf. His wisdom is something that our limited knowledge cannot comprehend.

Turn the pain into prayer… It’s literally the only way.

Everything will remind you of death… and I mean everything and it’s normal. We just have to ride with it because It is part of our healing.

Grief is a deep invisible wound. Treat it the same way you’d treat a physical one.

You will see your loved one in everything around you. This can be painful or joyful – accept it either way.

Seek counseling. A good grief counselor will really help you process your feelings and put things into perspective.

Connect with people who experienced grief. Their stories give hope.

Don’t fight that cloud that’s hovering over you. Accept it and let it be. It’ll slowly start to lose its intensity.

You’ll want to isolate ourselves from everything and everyone... this is fine as long as it’s temporary.

Allowing yourself to grieve doesn’t make you less “patient”

The pain will get easier to handle. Life will look bright again. You will smile and laugh again from the depth of your soul.

Finally, let go of that person you were before your loss. You won’t be that person again. However, you can count on being a better and more mindful version of yourself.

Welcome to life after a loss…