Eid in 2020 suddenly looks very different. There won’t be Eid prayers to go to or people to see. Playgrounds are closed and everyone is required to stay home. How can we possibly make Eid fun when all the things that made Eid fun are restricted?

Eid ideas for children during the quarantine

What is our job as parents this Eid?

It’s all about our perspective! Children feed off of our vibes. If they see us happily adjusting our needs for the greater good, think about the life long lesson we are indirectly teaching them?

It’s important to reiterate a positive perspective and remind them about our ultimate goal – to stay healthy and safe. As long as we are well, we must prioritize the health of everyone else and that is a sacrifice worth making.

Here are 14 creative things you can do at home to spark the Eid joy in your children’s eyes.

Face Painting

Get your self a kit or use your make up and dilute it with water. There are plenty of youtube tutorials on how to create fun faces!

Eid ideas during the quarantine face paint at home

Scavenger Hunt with a Musical Chairs Twist

Hide small gifts around the house and give children bins. Ask them to collect as many items as they can within a certain time period. Play some nasheeds in the meantime. You can even do this with small sweets and children will have a blast.

Drive-In Movies

This is a fun way to camp out in the car and watch a movie together. Google search the nearest drive-in movie theaters near you. Here is a list of them in the GTA. Or you can always have a movie night at the comfort of your home with some homemade popcorn. We tried out the machine listed below and it’s worth every penny. The children get a blast witnessing the kernels pop right before their eyes. And your house will smell like the movies!

Jumbo Games

You can get a giant set of Connect Four or Jenga from Walmart or any toy store and play outside in the balcony or backyard. It enhances the experience for little ones and if you have toddlers they can participate too.

DIY Challenge

Go on Youtube and find items you can create yourself using household items. You can even buy pre-made kits and make them together. Michaels and Walmart have ready kits. There is something satisfying about creating your own products and it’s an excellent way to keep children engaged for a longer period. 

Family Design Time

Design your front porch/door with chalk. Grab some household stencils and outline them on your front porch or your front door and colour them in. Or you can even write messages to family or friends who might drive by. You can also set up a picture/camera prop station for Eid photos.

Eid ideas during the quarantine chalk

Mario Party

Mario cart is one game you can use for children 4+ and it is safe and parent-approved. You can host friends or family members online and play different games against each other. This idea was from Hubby dearest.

Eid ideas during the quarantine Mario party

Paint Bubble Bath

The children are bound to forget all about the quarantine because this activity will get them raving about the best Eid ever! Grab some bubble bath and get your hands on some bath paint and let them go nuts!

Eid ideas during the quarantine bubble paint

Animate your Car

I promise it won’t get damaged. You just need some window markers and some paper or fabric crafts to make eyes or ears for your car or even a tail and let the imagination run wild.

Eid ideas during the quarantine window markers

Icecream Party

Buy different flavors with an abundant (yet not wasteful) flavors and let the children build their own ice cream from scratch. If you are feeling really fancy, try to make ice cream using an ice cream machine.

Eid ideas during the quarantine  ice cream party

Costume Show

Throw on new or old costumes and pretend to have a show. Dim the house and direct a flashlight to a wall to create a spotlight. This is only fun if the whole family participates. If you don’t have a costume, make one from household items! And the best part is to record it! Side note: I showed you guys my daughter’s Elsa costume and many of you asked where I got it from. I took the liberty to list it below. This particular one has a soft touch and is made with good quality materials

Eid ideas during the quarantine costume party

Talent Show

Use a mic if you have one or use your phone as a microphone and let all family members showcase their hidden talents. Throw in a nice Eid nasheed jam in the background!

Eid ideas during the quarantine family talent show

Quarantine Camp

Spread out in the living room and sleep there for the night. Grab a story or watch a show/movie together and fall asleep all cuddled up. This will be a memorable experience for the children. 

Eid ideas during the quarantine (quarantine camp)


Nothing beats a yes day. This means you have to say YES (with enthusiasm and all) to anything children want. If they ask for something outrageous -which they might- redirect it to a YES! Check out my post on how to enrage good choice making here.

I hope these ideas inspire you somehow. Most importantly, stay safe and have a wonderful Eid!

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Eman Ahmed