When I became a parent in 2013, I was vulnerable to every piece of advice out there and it quickly resulted in a confused and overwhelmed Mama.

It took me a while to realize that not every resource or piece of advice was the right one for me and my child. Similarly, not every trending parenting style was the right one for our family.

The reality is….

There is only ONE true expert in a child’s life and it‘s the parent!

Our children need to see us fail just as much as they need to see us succeed in our relationship with them. I spent years in the field of family and education, and I’ve yet to see programs that nourish the parent-child relationship outside of conflicts. This is why I’ve dedicated this space to us. Whatever phase we are in, we will conquer it together with knowledge, experience, and gentle support.

Parenthood: once you pass a hurdle, another one awaits

– Unknown